The story began in 1971 in Valenza, the absolute capital of “creative Italian jewelry boutiques”.

The company’s founder, Giuseppe Verdi, skillfully blended style, emotion, elegance and refinement to create astounding fine jewelry collections without ever being repetitive and always emphasizing innovation in the development of gemstone research, as well as cutting and setting technologies through a mixture of new technologies and skillful artisan excellence.

That immediately gave rise to an important company philosophy: to emphasize the personality of the product over and above its commercial character in order to offer highly exclusive customers their “first experience in fine jewelry to be lived intensely and uniquely” thanks to the classic refined style kept up to date with the passing years for fashions aligned with the desires of tomorrow.

Since 1971, the stylistic evolution of the Company has always been distinguished by incredible technical skill, extremely elegant quality and special attention to the smallest creative details during every stage of the process from the idea to the strictly Italian production without ever infringing on the unique and exclusive characteristics outlined initially by Giuseppe Verdi.

Over the years, the tradition has been carried forward by Marco Verdi, the founder’s son. Together with a fine team of expert managers and customer service representatives, every stage of product development and corporate image is managed personally including all the communications channels from strictly commercial ones to direct end customer communications.

Each year, the stylistic choices for the new sophisticated and exclusive design collections have met with success. Managed by the internal style department, they have always been aligned with the company motto, incorporating a fine eye for details, proportions and the maximum expression of contemporary style – where fine craftsmanship meets creative development to bring life to new and alternative forms through unusual and original pairings.

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