Crivelli was founded in the ‘70s when Bruno Crivelli decided to transcend his vast experience and craftsmanship to form what is known today as Crivelli. 

Crivelli distinguishes itself for a wide production of jewellery ranging from limited series products to unique pieces of exceptional quality. These jewels tell the manual wisdom of master craftsmen, the beauty of technical solutions invented to support precious stones that become volume and texture, where we find a rigorous elegance, made of simplicity and harmony. The strength of his language remains the ability to rework the classic style; where the fineness of execution, attention to detail and attention to quality remain the characterizing elements of the product and its stylistic language. 

Modulating styles and materials, unusual or classic details, and using continuous innovation of pieces with a contemporary design, Crivelli continues its creative march, and in 2018 begun to define icons. The intent is to create Collections. Transforming his jewels in identification items, the names evoke inspirations, secret worlds, embodying the values of the Crivelli universe and giving a sign of continuity and presence beyond the seasons. 

SOUND, exceptional elegance impeccably combined with a perfect design. JUST is the essential elegance. LIKE, with the purity of design, is the three-dimensional embodiment of the first letter of Crivelli. UNBREAKABLE has the strength of perfect geometry. OUTSTANDING reveals the secret of those who already have exceptional character and beauty. EVERMORE goes beyond time and generations. 

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